Kids’ Play Area: 3 Tips to Keep it Tidy

There are few parents that will tell you that raising kids is easy. For most of us our primary objective is to raise good responsible humans that are passionate about something and kind to others. Juggling work, raising kids and keeping our house clean and organized sometimes feels like an uphill struggle. If you look at social media it would seem that some parents amazingly have their lives totally in order and have wonderful well-behaved children and an immaculate household.  As we all know all those posts can be deceiving.

However, there are some moms, dads and guardians out there that have developed some tricks to make their lives a little easier while also helping instill responsible traits in their children. In this article I’m sharing my 3 tips to keep a kids space clean while also teaching them to be responsible for their play area.

Teach kids to take ownership and be proud of their space

Whether it is their bedroom, a play room, the living room or any area where kids can use their creativity and spread out you will notice a trail of items that are the result of their big imaginations. The best way to ensure that you will have to clean up less after them when they are older is to show them how to be responsible for their space now.

Set a timer and make it a game

As a parent you may have realized your children don’t have the same attention to detail as you do. This is where you have to be the bigger person (literally) and come up with a plan to help these little humans “clean their room”.

Pick a time that feels good for you maxing out at 15 minutes. Set the timer and make a game of picking up and putting away the toys, crayons and creations that have been strewn across the floor, table, or furniture where they were playing.

Be a team

Remember you are a team and the goal is to support each other in this collaborative effort. Put on the clean up song on repeat until your timer goes off. Remember to be kind, the more fun this activity is the easier it will be to do the next time and the next. Lastly, be realistic in your expectations, you did not just hire professional cleaners for $200 an hour to deep clean your home. These are your kids and we as parents are trying to teach them not to be slobs. Making a fun game out of cleaning is the first step to a more organized home.

About Me:

Hi! I’m Stacie Farrar, a wife, proud mom of three and the owner of Cathartic Spaces. I have a passion for helping others create a more livable and enjoyable home without judgment.  From time to time we all have been overwhelmed with the amount of clutter and stuff we have accumulated that is slowly taking over our living areas. That is where I come in to help people organize the things they want to keep and donate or get rid of the stuff they don’t. I create organizational systems so you can find the things you need when you need them!