Bedroom Beautiful: 3 Tips for Decorating

Your bedroom is your safe space. The place you want to lie down and relax after a long day. It’s an escape, especially from my children. For me personally, my bedroom is my favorite place to relax, read a book and enjoy peace and calm. It’s my happy place. Your bedroom is your place to sleep but decorating it with a theme that fits your personality can make it your own safe haven. Here are three easy tips to design your bedroom for your mood and to make you feel comfortable.

Get Rid of Clutter

Having excess furniture and clutter is going to make your bedroom feel tight, small, and give you the feeling of being overwhelmed and anxious. You want a spacious bedroom. You don’t want two nightstands, two dressers, a bookshelf bed, TV stand, etc. You have to cut out some of the clutter. A bed, two night stands, and even a bench at the end of the bed that can hold blankets and pillows is perfect. If your closet space is large enough, move your dressers in there. If your room isn’t big enough for that king size bed, downsize it to still allow enough room for yourself or you and your partner… and possibly that child or two who crawls in during sometime of the night. Decluttering also includes wall decor. Too much is not a good thing. You don’t want your walls cluttered either. Look for a nice simple painting or canvas to hang above your bed or a wall opposite windows for a nice touch.


Having an accent wall of peel and stick wallpaper or a beautiful paint color can help add that POP of color and help to accent the room! In our new home the walls were painted gray but we added peel and stick wallpaper of birch trees on the main wall our bed is on. We also added a large canvas painting of a quote above our headboard.

Color Scheme

Keep your colors neutral for your bedding. Colors like gray, creams, and white and even soft blues or greens such as sage. Add that pop of color with pillows and blankets or your accent wall. Neutral colors are peaceful in helping you relax in your safe space.

With these tips you will have an amazing space to not only rest but to bring you joy and calmness as well because it was created for you.

About Author- 

I am Kristina Pache – Ferency! I am a wife and mama of five with a love of home design. Home design is the icing when having created a safe, organized space in your home that will allow you to feel more in control. Design will help to maximize your newly organized space in a way that best expresses yourself to others and makes you comfortable. I can work with you on the style you want for your house and make your dream a reality.