Seasonal Clothing Rotation: 3 Tips to Get the Most out of Your Wardrobe

Clothes. One area that is consistent in homes is the overconsumption of clothing. Going out to dinner? New outfit. Family Photos? New outfits. Its a Thursday….You get the idea. While there are many different views on why overconsumption, especially in the fast fashion industry, the focus here is on how to maintain what we obtain. 

Storage Bins 

  Clear storage containers are ideal for the purpose of storing items that are rotating out of season. It is most practical when you are storing away to categorize like items. This will make it easier when you are going through them next season. 


Your time is valuable. Say it with me, YOUR TIME IS VALUABLE! Learn from others and do not make the same mistake. When you pack away a bin of seasonal items be sure to always have your label maker handy. Don’t do yourself dirty by not labeling your bins- future you thanks you. 


     Purging should happen at least 4 times each year. An easy way to remember that is to go with the seasons. A good step to do ahead of time in your prep work is decide where you will be donating your gently used items. When you plan your work day make sure your timing aligns to be able to go drop off all the donations that day. This simple step of planning ahead for where the items will go will help so much get you working and staying on track.      

While you are deep into the knee socks and hot pants remember to have fun! Put on your favorite background noise and keep your focus! Remember- you can do anything you set your time to!