Get the Most Out of the Grocery Shopping: 3 Easy Tips

Grocery shopping. Something we all have to do. In 2023 we have multiple options to help with this task. Order your groceries for delivery. Order for pickup. Go the store and do your shopping. Forget and order door dash for quick delivery. One thing that is also common…..buying items you already have in your kitchen! Follow these 3 simple steps to help ease the flow of food through your home. 

Make a menu before you go shopping

The number one rule I have about how to keep on track for our grocery budget is to make a menu. This does not have to be a complex process. Grab a piece of paper, write down each day and then fill in what you will have. KEEP IT SIMPLE. 

What will your family eat? Are there any special occasions that week? We also try to have “like” items throughout the week so that I can buy veggies in bulk without waste. 

Look through pantry for items to fulfill your list 

You know that old saying “this isn’t a restaurant you get what you get?” Well, sure don’t cook a specific entree for each person but also the kitchen IS our restaurant. One thing that a good restaurant will do is rotate the food. First in, first out. If we follow this same simple rule in our home “restaurants” not only will we save money but the flow of organization through our food cabinets will ease.

Wipe down/clean out fridge before bringing in new items. 

At this point, you have made your list. You have taken that list and grocery shopped your cabinets first. The last, but a very important step, clean out your fridge. Before you head to the store and bring home those fresh groceries give their home a clean. Take out any food that is spoiled, wipe down the shelves and ensure that your fridge is ready to accept the new items. 

Following these 3 easy steps will ensure that food waste is minimal and you are not buying items you do not need. Throw on your favorite music and have fun while you do it!