Move-In Success: 3 Tips

Why doesn’t anyone talk about how hard it can be to get your home unpacked after a move? At some point we all have to make a move and on the other side of that move is the move-in. These 3 tips will help your move-in be more streamlined allowing the next adventure to begin. 

Hire an Organizer professional  

As an organizer myself I find this to be a very underutilized tool when it comes to the relocation and moving process. Moving is a big task and when you add in multiple people it does just that- Multiplies. Hire an organizer or a professional to come in and help you unpack. Get your items settled in a timely manner with help. 

Purge as you unpack

Everyone knows you purge your items before you move. Do not pack items you do not want- Your time is more valuable than that! I still believe as you unpack you should keep a box handy (might have a few) that you can load directly into your car for donation. This also gives you the opportunity to scope out where you will be able to drop off any future donations you have! 


This one always throws people off but hear me out. Moving puts us in this constant state of moving. When you arrive at your new destination make sure to stock your kitchen with the essentials for a successful work day. Lots of fluids. Snacks high in proteins to keep up your energy. Don’t forget the little treats because we all deserve a treat when we are working so hard. 

Following these 3 simple steps will help the transition into your new space have better control and direction. I always encourage music and laughter- life is too precious to not have fun!