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Contractor bags, They Offer More Than You Realize

Keep things simple is a model that we like to implement into our practices. Life is already such a juggling act don’t add any more pressure on yourself! There are many ways that you can transfer the items you are choosing to purge but don’t over think it. Contractor bags will become your new BFF. 

1. Sturdy 

Have you ever carried a bag out and had it break on you mid trip? Or the handle starts stretching as long as it can go? Contractor bags don’t do you dirty that way. They stand up for you, hold onto what you are letting go of and follow it through the whole trip. 

2. Invisible

Throughout the purging process it can be easy to second guess yourself when you are able to see all the items. With a contractors bag once you put the items in they “disappear”. You will find this as satisfying as checking a task off your list. Instant gratification.

3. Volume

When you are setting up a time for your purge the last thing you need is a supply you are using not carrying its weight. Contractor bags are going to hold a significant more than a box or a regular trash bag. We do this fun game if we are purging clothes of guessing how many items we will fit inside the bag. If you are having fun you hardly know you are working (especially when working with children)!

Contractor bags are a staple in every project we do! Don’t forget to throw on your favorite music and have fun, life is too precious not to!