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Conquering the Case of the Single Socks

Everyone can relate to the frustration of folding the laundry and having single socks left over. Where did they go? Why does the dryer eat our socks? How can I stop the cycle? Here are 3 ways you can stop the stock piling of single socks. 

1. Buy the same socks

  Socks are a pair, that is the goal at the end of their laundry cycle. If you primarily have the same socks it makes the task of matching them easier. 

2. Designated “missing sock” Bin

    It is a good idea to designate an area in your laundry room for missing socks. Ideally this is a small bin that is gone through weekly. If by month end you are touching the same socks without a pair get rid of them. Your time is more valuable than that. 

3. Match when they are taken off 

  This one sounds kind of funny! One way to help not loose as many socks is to pair them up when you take them off. That way when they are in the hamper they already have their matching pair! 

Buy the same socks, designate a bin and don’t forget to match them when you take them off! Following these 3 tips is sure to lighten the load of the missing socks.