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Life Phase Transitions 3 Easy Steps

Throughout your life you will be faced with life phase transitions many times! Establishing tools to streamline purging through the stuff is essential. These tips can help ease the adjustment into a new routine. 

1. Make A List 

This is step may seem simple, which is ok, it is also very valuable. As you move through the process of reclaiming your space you should have a game plan. What areas weigh the heaviest? What space are you yearning to get back to enjoying? As you make your list write down what you want your space to feel like. It is so important to think about the rooms in a way of how you want them to feel VS. how you want them to look. Making a list will help you stay on track and help anyone else who comes to assist. 

2. Get Help

Help will come in many forms. Hiring a professional purge and organizer to help with this task would streamline the process. You may also find it helpful to listen to an audio book or podcast that has a positive focus on purging in phases. If you have the option, gather a group of friends that can help ease the burden of this process. Getting help is one of the best steps you will make. 

2. Prioritize

Life Phases are going to look different for each person as we all tell our own stories. As you are working through the process of your next life phase it is crucial that you prioritize those areas directly related. Start in one space and work your way through the entire room before you move onto the next. Make sure you have supplies ready for the purge (refer to previous post) to keep the process flowing. The task is to prioritize what needs to go so you can create a vision with what is left. 

Life phases can bring on their own array of emotions and having a space to safely process through that is beneficial. Follow these 3 tips to help streamline your project! Remember to crank up your favorite music and have fun! Life is too precious not to!