Garage Organization: 3 Tips for Maximum Usability

Garage space can feel tricky. It is important to be realistic about what you are storing and then keep it as tidy as possible. Following these 3 tips each season will help you purge your garage with ease and keep the flow of it purposeful. 

1. Pull Everything Out 

The most important reason to do this is to get a good clean slate of the area you are working with. When you are pulling things out of the garage set up areas to categorize the items as they come out. Following this process allows easier flow of decisions when deciding what to keep.  

2. Let Go 

Once everything is out and categorized it is time to let go. First walk around and pull out any trash items that you see. Next walk around and grab out any items that you know can be donated. If the item is not a speciality one of a kind and has gone through a whole season without being used it is time to let it go. Once you have made decisions on all the items you can game plan what you have left to store.  

3. Divide by Season

The storage areas that will be welcoming back the items staying should be divided by season. This way of storing makes it easier to do a full switch out when it is time for the next season. It streamlines the amount of time we will spend looking for items and allows us to get back to building memories. 

Following these 3 steps will help streamline the process of gaining back your garage. I challenge you to put these to use and get it ready for fall and winter! The seasons always change too quickly! This does not have to be such a daunting task if it becomes a seasonal habit. Don’t forget to crank up the music and have fun, life is too precious not to!