3 Reasons Purging is Cathartic

I had an interesting conversation with someone the other day and while talking about my business they responded with “Your type of work is luxury, not necessity.” Out of the context of the whole conversation this can seem sort of offensive however it was actually the greatest opportunity to teach someone about why this is actually cathartic. 

1. Deep Decisions

I can look around the room I am sitting in right now while I type and eye 3 items I could donate. Those are the easy choices. The deep decisions are hidden under beds, back of closets, deep in the piles of a garage or storage unit. Those items are not only a physical weight but an emotional/mental one. Most people need help to sort through these things and for the support to finish the job. The outcome is so worth the work you are going to put into it. You deserve it!

2. Seasons

Our seasons of our stories also carry transitions and emotions. As you go through the items from a season you are in, passing through or have already gone through give yourself permission to move forward. Moving forward is a motion that does not forget what the past was but simply allow you the permission to continue. 

Some seasons are easier than others, some the weight is so heavy it doesn’t feel like you will ever move through this but you will. You can. You deserve it!

3. Therapeutic

You ever heard someone say “cleaning is therapy?” or “When I get frustrated I clean” There is a simple reasoning behind that- it is an active motion. We consider the type of work we do and suggest our clients to focus on an active therapy. Stuff weighs us down. Even more weight is added when the stuff starts to loose its home and take over your entire space. Working through our feelings, dealing with our traumas and opening our hearts to the possibilities of what is to come can be directly impacted by the way your home is. Does your home allow you the space to process feelings and move through them or does your home suck you into a dark abyss? 

You will be shocked to know that there are SO many people out there living in homes that are a punishment to themselves. Give yourself permission to let go, to move forward and to take control. You deserve it. 

Crank up your favorite songs, dance through the decisions you have to make and have fun- life is too precious not to!