Shop your Home: 3 Reason it Makes Sense

The cycle of seeing something we want to purchase, getting it and then not properly storing or using it can seem endless. Save yourself the money and always shop your home before you go to buy. 

1. Save Money

At one point or another we have all purchased something that is already taking up real estate in our home. A simple way to save money is to shop your home before you make purchases. This applies to your household goods, your food, your clothing. Ideally you would have all your items organized so the visibility of what you have is easier, however if you do not then that is part of the fun. When you search online for a product or have time to stroll through the aisles, it is the hunt that makes it the most fun. Challenge yourself to go on the same “hunt” for items in your home before clicking the purchase button. 

2. Acquire Less 

We live in a country where over consumption is at an all time high. The ability to order what you desire and have it delivered fairly immediately have created an even bigger draw towards consumerism. When you purchase less you acquire less, simple as that.  

3. Rotation 

I spent a lot of my younger years working in retail stores and one thing they all had in common was the first in first out approach. Using that same concept within your home can be easily attainable. It can be as simple as using the items in your home first before you buy. This is where it helps to have your items categorized. Once you have used the item in your home (or currently using) then you allow yourself to purchase a new one.

Shop your home before you buy! Make a list, crank up the music and allow your home to serve you purposefully- life is too precious to not have fun!