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Ease into the School Purge

As the summer winds to an end and fall is upon us we begin to focus on going back to school. Reestablishing routines with children, reorganizing the house to welcome the schedules and ultimately a purge. Here are 3 tips for a quick back to school purge that will leave your space feeling refreshed. 

1.  Seasonal Change 

If you live in an area where the seasons will begin to change, than it is time to change out your gear! A great way to keep this simple is to have your bins labeled by season (and size for kids). Pull out all your summer gear from your closet- if there is an item you did not wear this year donate it. The rest you can store in the bin you have brought out labeled “fall”. As you put your fall wardrobe away be sure to purge any items that don’t seem like they will be worn. Don’t forget to relabel your bin with “summer”- future you will thank you! 

2. Summer Toys

We can almost always guarantee as the summer creeps in next year we will be picking up bubbles, kites and sidewalk chalks. Set out all of your summer gear and eliminate based on condition/use. Do not keep items that are broken or very well loved- do not keep items you did not use this year. When packing away your summer gear label it by type of activity! This will make it much easier when you are pulling out the bins in the Spring. 

3. Linens

 As we start to make our way into fall, now is the time to go through all of the linens. Lay them out based on size and use. After you have laid them all out purge based on usability and condition. Any sheets that are stained or have holes should go! Anybody else have blanket magnets at home? They accumulate so quickly and are very well loved! Hold up each blanket and purge out those that no longer have the soft cozy feel.

Three simple things that you can purge as you prepare for back to school and the fall season! Remember to crank up your favorite music and have fun, life is too precious not to!