Shoe Storage: 3 Tips for Fancy Footwear

Shoes are something that everyone wears. The styles and size will vary by person but we can all agree they have a tendency to be all over! I have found clients are able to create a better system by using one of these 3 solutions. 

1. Shoe Boxes 

Shoe boxes have come a long way from where they started. The options evolved from actual boxes to individual boxes and now we can even purchase full shoe box shelves! The options can be overwhelming so it is important to consider your space. See what can fit in the area you have and be realistic about the expectation of the boxes. Is there a lid that goes on and off? A door that opens? Do you have to unstack every box? These are all practical things to consider so that the system you put in place will work with your daily life and serve you purposefully. Shoe boxes are very easy to maintain if you have the space in your closet for them. One pair per box and they stack so nicely! 

Shoe Box

2. Shoe Rack

A classic shoe rack has never steered anyone wrong! Finding a good location to put it that is practical to be used and also does not take up too much space is the key. If your family takes off their shoes before they walk through the home it would benefit you to have one near your door. 

Shoe Rack

3. Shoe Stackers

These are a newer concept but I really love the idea of these. They are easy to use and put together. If you have a closet system with shelves you may be  able to utilize this option. 

Shoe Stacker

Now that you have seen a few ideas I challenge you to gather all your shoes and purge them first- I would bet at least one pair could go. From there you can have a better gauge of what you have left that will need to be organized! Once you have finished the purge measure the areas you plan to have your shoes stored and determine what system will work best for you. Don’t set yourself up for failure and make it over complicated, keep it simple and easy to maintain! Don’t forget to turn up the music and have fun, life is too precious not to!