The Best Summer Snacks for Kids: 3 Tips to Organize for Ultimate Snacking

Summer time is a good opportunity for our kids to be faced with the ability to make choices, control impulse and self regulate.  During the summer we may find that we have extra guests over, the kids seem to be hungry constantly or you may just be a snack loving family! If you are fortunate enough to be able to supply your home with snacks these tips will help keep the rotation fresh and the helpings limited. 

1. Buy good snacks 

Snacks and eating are on constant rotation during the summer in our house. Providing children with healthy choices that we can easily say to has helped stifle the summer food struggle. At the grocery store something to remember is read the back label. The front of the package is meant to grab your attention and is where you will find the most marketing verbiage, the back the facts. Remember, the more beneficial the snack is that you are providing the easier it is to say yes. 

2. Take out of store packaging 

After grocery shopping you now are faced with a counter full of food that needs to be put away. When it comes to snacks I always recommend taking them out of the boxes or bags that they are in. The packaging used on these products does not serve the kitchen flow we are trying to obtain. The boxes end up empty, bags half full and kids will not be following through to ensure that is taken care of before they chow down on snacks. All fruits and veggies should be washed and stored in airtight containers.   

3. Put into containers

Clear containers will become a highlight of your kitchen. Purchase a few containers for the different types of snacks you are storing and then label them. Making the items a visible as possible will ensure that they are eaten, rotated and refilled as needed. 

At first it can seem a little silly or like an extra step, after time you fill find that it serves the purpose of your kitchen more fully. Remember to make mindful decisions at the store, take it out of the store packaging and get some clear containers! As always I suggest to crank the music and have some fun, life is too precious for anything else.