Declutter Your Mailbox: 3 Tips for Organizing Mail

Some days it feels like the only things we get in the mail are junk, advertisements and ultimately fire burners. The problem is, mail that is of unimportance takes a back burner. Following these 3 simple steps will provide the respite you need from the paperwork piles taking hold of your counters. 

1. Do not bring it in

If you know the item needs to be put into recycling do not even bring it into your house. On your way from the mail box just put that right into the recycling. 

2. Have a bin 

Having an area in your home that you are able to drop your mail in but is contained will be a huge counter saver. Make it a point to empty the bin once a week. Use vertical space to establish a mail area. 

3. Schedule Filing 

Paperwork can be debilitating to get through when it is not taken care of. Schedule one day a month, actually put it on your calendar, to file away the paper from your bin.  This will allow the flow of paperwork and will keep the clutter to a minimum. 

At this point if you are following these 3 simple steps you should regain control of the mail coming in and out of your home. Remember anyone can send you something but you give it permission to be in your home when you bring it inside. Don’t bring it it, have a bin, and schedule a day to file. Crank the music and have fun, life is too precious not to.