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Success in 3 Simple Steps

When completing a successful purge do not take on too big of a task. Be realistic about the time you have and follow these 3 steps to be the most productive. 

1. Plan

Having a plan ahead of time on what you are going to tackle will help keep everything on track. In addition it is worth the work in the beginning to also have a plan of where your items are going. If you are purging big items like furniture, it would benefit to have that pick up scheduled the same day the purge happens. Take a look at all the local thrift stores and reuse stores in your city, make a note of the days and time they accept donations. Designate a driver to do these runs if you are afforded more that one person in the process. 

2. Supplies

This is one of those projects that should have prep done ahead of time. Take inventory of what you already have to use for taking out donation, trash and sale items. Reuse any boxes you have or old bins you might be donating. Labels, markers, tape and packing paper are great to have on hand. 

3. Sound

It becomes so loud in our minds when we are purging in a quiet space. What do you like to listen to? It is not always easy to be completing this task, especially if you are solo it can feel even heavier (literally). It is tedious and the decision making is constant give yourself permission to enjoy the sounds you are listening to as you do the work. 

Have a plan, gather the supplies and turn on something that brings you happiness! Life is too precious not to have fun and you deserve to love the space you are in!